Swing Spinning Top

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18 challenges with the spinning top and barrels for any age

Play alone, with 2 or 4 players. Improves manual dexterity. 3 ways of playing. Basic: Draw a challenge card. Spin the spinning top. Complete the barrel challenges before the top stops.
A safe, eco-friendly game made with non-toxic colours. 100% Made in Italy


2 swing spinning tops, 24 barrels (all wood, 2 colours). 18 challenge cards and 1 instruction leaflet in 6 languages

BOX SIZE: 12,8 x 4,3 x 4,3 CM

See the tutorial video


Spin the top with your fingers and choose one of the 3 game options, depending on the desired difficulty level.

GAME 1. BASIC, 4 years +: Draw a SPINNING TOP CARD. Ready, steady, go! Spin the top as shown on the card (with your eyes closed, standing on one leg, with your back to the table, using your thumb and index finger on the same hand, with UPSIDE-DOWN spinning top…). The winner is the player whose spinning top spins for longest after being spun as shown on the card.

GAME 2. AVERAGE, 5 years +: Draw a BARREL CARD. Spin the top as well as you can and, while it is spinning, complete the challenge on the card (stack the barrels, dunk them, slalom, strike…). The winner is the player who first completes the barrel challenge or is the closest to having completed it when the spinning tops stop.

GAME 3. ADVANCED, 7/8 YEARS or ADULT versus CHILD: Shuffle both decks separately and draw a card from each. Ready, steady, go! Spin the top according to the indicated difficulty on the SPINNING TOP CARD and, while it is spinning, complete the challenge on the BARREL CARD. If players are different ages, the youngest only does the barrel challenge, while the oldest also draws a spinning top card and spins the top for the indicated challenge.



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