These general terms and conditions of sale govern relations between T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. and the User as regards the online purchase of products via www.milaniwood.com. For anything not expressly regulated by these general terms and conditions of sale and transport reference should be made to Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (“Consumer Code”), to Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 governing electronic commerce and, finally, the Italian Civil Code. In addition to the other terms defined in these general terms and conditions, the words indicated below, where used with a capital letter, shall have the following specific meanings, whether used in the singular or plural:


This means the online store owned by T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C., enrolled in the Lecco Chamber of Commerce with no. 157506, Tax code and VAT no. 00590460168, with registered office in Valgreghentino (Postal Code: 23857, Lecco Province), on Via Aldo Moro 16


This means the natural or legal person who browses the Milaniwood.com® Website


This means the natural or legal person who sends an Order via the Milaniwood.com® Website


This refers, jointly, to milaniwood.com® and the Customer.


This refers to the Website owned by T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C., with the URL: www.milaniwood.com


This means the goods sold on the Milaniwood.com® Website as indicated by the Customer in the Order, with the characteristics and qualities described on the Site.


This means the agreement governed by these General Terms and  Conditions of Sale and Transport, entered into by T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. and the Customer.  Once an Order has been received by T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C., these Terms and Conditions are understood to be accepted by the Parties.

Order Confirmation:

This indicates the Customer’s acceptance, sent via the Milaniwood.com® Website, of the unit price of the Product (or of the total price of the Products, where multiple items are purchased), of the shipping costs, of the characteristics and qualities of the Product (or Products) and of the provisions set out in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Once the order has been received, T.A.M.I.L. S.n.c. di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. will send the Customer an email summarising the order.

Effectiveness of the Contract

The Contract shall be considered to be effective once the Customer has paid the amount using the related methods and procedures. Where a Customer chooses to pay via credit card, pre-paid card or PayPal, the moment when T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. receives confirmation of the transaction on the PayPal server shall be the moment when the Contract becomes effective. Where a Customer chooses to pay via bank transfer or cash on delivery the Contract shall be effective upon the payment of the amount indicated in the Order Confirmation. The delivery of the goods is subordinate to the payment of the order in all cases. Where the chosen payment method is a credit card, pre-paid card or PayPal, payment shall be made at the same time as the Order is placed on the Website. Where the chosen payment method is a bank transfer, the payment must be received within 5 working days from the receipt of the Order, beyond this term, the order shall be considered cancelled and T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. shall have no obligations to the Customer. For cash on delivery, payment must be made to the courier who delivers the goods.

Delivery terms

Orders normally take 3 to 10 days to fulfil. Should we be unable to comply with such a deadline, the Customer will be promptly informed via email, indicating the scheduled delivery date. In this case, a Customer has the right to cancel the Order within 24 hours of receiving such a message. Should T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. not receive, within that period, written communication from the Customer about its intention to cancel the Order, then the Order shall be deemed confirmed with the new delivery date.

Representations, obligations and guarantees

The Products are represented and visible on the website in an accurate manner that corresponds to their actual characteristics. However, since the material is natural and subject to variations in size, T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. cannot 100% guarantee that the Products will match the images and colours as they appear on the Customer’s monitor. Thus, the colouring is not a matter that can be disputed and T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. guarantees a size tolerance of +/- 5%. The Parties mutually acknowledge that limited cases might occur in which products on the Website are no longer available or for sale at the time the Customer accesses the Website and that the prices could change.

How to order

To make an order, it is possible to browse the various pages of the Website to find the Product, each of which comes with specific product details. Products can be searched for or filtered by price, age range and name, using the Website search function. Clicking on the sample image of a Product opens the product details page, which has additional information (other images, videos, instructions, etc.). All of the information available in such a product details page is freely accessible. 

To make an Order, it is necessary to register for free on the Website. On the top right of the page, the number of items in the cart is displayed next to the symbol. By clicking on this icon, one accesses a summary of the Products and the total cost. After checking the information relating to the name, quantity, price and total for each item is correct, it is possible to proceed by confirming the Order by clicking on “Proceed with order”.
At this point, registered users can continue, otherwise the Website takes one back to the login page for the “my account” section. After completing this, it is possible to complete the Order. While making an Order, it is possible to add a new shipping address, check the shipping costs, choose the desired payment method and then confirm the Order. After clicking on “Submit Order”, the Customer will receive a summary of the Order.


Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/1999 governs the buyer’s Right of Withdrawal where a purchase agreement is concluded away from the sales premises. This includes purchases made online. Thus, all those natural persons that make a purchase through our Website have this right of withdrawal. This right can be exercised without providing any reason. Nonetheless, as part of our efforts to constantly improve our services, we would greatly appreciate receiving, even very briefly, a comment as to what happened. This right of withdrawal is not granted to legal persons (e.g. companies, retailers and so on) and to natural persons acting for business purposes. The right of withdrawal must be exercised via registered letter with return receipt within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods. By exercising this right, the buyer shall be entitled to a complete refund for the amount paid for the returned item. Where requested by T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C., the buyer must show the following:  a copy of the original shipment, in case of partial withdrawal the item/s to be returned and the bank details for the account to which to make the bank transfer (IBAN number for the current account for the person in whose name the invoice was issued). The right of withdrawal does not apply to any products that were originally sealed, but have been opened by the Customer. The latter shall also pay the costs for shipping. The goods must be returned intact and complete, otherwise T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. shall reject the shipment and the goods will be returned to the Customer. The payment of the amount owed to the returning party shall be made via bank transfer, to the bank indicated by the Customer, within 20 working days of T.A.M.I.L. Snc di Milani Marco, Daniele e C. receiving the goods.


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