a forest race

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Fox, raccoon or bear: who’ll reach the finish line first?

A simple, entertaining wooden game played on the floor. The winner is the player who crosses the finish line with the chosen animal disc the most in 5 goes! A safe, eco-friendly game made with non-toxic colours. 100% Made in Italy. A forest race is made with wood from forests managed using a socially and environmentally responsible approach (100% FSC®).


3 printed discs and 2 wooden trees

NO. OF PLAYERS: 1 or more

SIZE: 20x20x2.5cm

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The game is played on the floor, taking turns. Each player gets 5 goes. Place the two trees as a finish line about 25 cm apart. The closer the trees are to each other, the harder the challenge will be. Choose the starting point and pick the animal you want to send over the finish line. Arrange the 3 fox, raccoon and bear discs in a triangle, with the chosen animal nearest you.  On the first go, slide the disc with the chosen animal across the floor, between the other two discs. On subsequent shots, you can slide any disc, but it must always slide between the other two discs. A shot is valid only if the centre of the disc used crosses the imaginary line joining the other two; the disc that is used doesn’t turn upside down, or touch another disc or a tree during the shot. You cannot try to cross the finish line with your first shot. If you are unhappy with a valid shot, you can repeat the shot with the same disc, but only once more – and it obviously still has to pass through the two stationary discs again. If your shot isn’t valid, then it is the next person’s turn. Each turn starts from the chosen starting point. For each turn, you win if your chosen-animal disc crosses the imaginary finishing line created by the trees! 

When every player has had 5 goes, the winner is the player who won the most turns

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